CLARALUX SSE : Adjust Light Levels In-Game!

CLARALUX for SSE has been UPDATED to V1!

Updated, cleaned and saved using the CK64 and SSEDIT.

TONS of upgrades!  Updated code!  Fixtures added to DRAGONBORN and DAWNGUARD!

Until we have time to make a new video, this’ll have to do… if you have any questions, feel free to ask at the NEXUS

Forget everything you think you know about CLARALUX!

We’ve taken the original concept and rebuilt it from the ground up.

And we’ve returned with the ONLY MOD IN SKYRIM that will allow you to adapt the LIGHT LEVELS of ALL EXTERIOR LIGHTS to your taste IN-GAME!


We’ve altered some of the OLD FIXTURES that I really didn’t like!

We’ve allowed you to custom tailor your CLARALUX experience without need of additional ESPs muddying up your load-order!

Get it! ONLY on the NEXUS!