It should come as no surprise that WEATHER MODS actually can have a massive impact upon how LIGHTS are displayed.  Depending upon the WEATHER MOD/VANILLA the exact same CLARALUX LIGHT can look completely different.

CLARALUX colors are based exactly off of the corresponding vanilla light colors.   The BRIGHTNESS and RADIUS of the LIGHT will also impact how it appears.

A quick “lesson” in color-temperature so you know what I’m talking about.

COOL : Refers to blueish/whitish color temperatures.  These are clearly evident in VANILLA and DARKER NIGHTS images below.

WARM : Refers to more “orange” color temperatures.  As you can see below, both CLIMATES OF TAMRIEL and VIVID allow for more “true-to-source” color temperature.

Below are a few illustrations for your amusement illustrating the difference a WEATHER MOD can make.   Each image has the exact same CLARALUX settings.  The only difference is the WEATHER MOD.  Notice how the same lights appear quite different in each example.

First, let’s look at what colors the lights are “supposed” to be…  In the below image, using VANILLA, I’ve included the RGB values copied directly from CREATION KIT. 


Vanilla night
(Note how “white” the lights all appear to be)

(Note some color is restored to the LIGHTS.  Lights are quite “cool” in tone.)

CLIMATES OF TAMRIEL : Default Experience
(Note how the colors are warmer than VANILLA, but cooler than VIVID. The light-types are more distinct and true-to-source.)

Climates of Tamriel : Night Level 2
(In my estimation, this Night Level is too dark for these current CLARALUX settings, however, by way of illustration this is a good example of an occasion in which CLARALUX’s adjustable lighting can be of help.  However dark it may appear, the color temperatures are more “true-to-source” than vanilla.)

Vivid Weather SSE
(Note increased SATURATION and warmth of tone vs VANILLA and COT.)


This is not meant as a comprehensive guide to the various weather-types available within the above mentioned mods… only an illustration of how each individual WEATHER MOD has a dramatic impact upon how CLARALUX is displayed.