LIGHT SETTINGS are the most important featureset of CLARALUX.  Using them, you can adjust the light levels to your liking – in game.

Obviously, it is best to tweak LIGHT LEVELS to your liking at night, but the CLARALUX TESTING FACILITY has a full day/night cycle so that you can see how it all works and to test your TWILIGHT and DAYBREAK timers.  Simply WAIT in place for NIGHT to return to continue your adjustments.

Enter the CLARALUX TESTING FACILITY to make any changes

In order to alter the levels of the lights, you MUST enter CLARALUX TESTING FACILITY.  All changes will be nearly-immediate while you are within the FACILITY.

  • CLARALUX TESTING FACILITY prevents you from moving across cells while adjusting lights.  This is important since a player in motion may leave an area prior to the lightScript completing and may therefore cause issues.  Please don’t test this theory as you’ll be the only one to lose out.
  • Speeds the updateCycle in order for your changes to be seen more quickly.  The default UpdateCycle is 30 seconds, which is usually fine for most user’s rigs.  When in CLARALUX TESTING FACILITY, it cycles at 2 seconds.  This is DANGEROUS (and unnecessary) during the course of normal play, which is why we force you to enter CLARALUX TESTING FACILITY.
  • Your chosen WEATHER/LIGHTING mod will function within the CLARALUX TESTING FACILITY so you can see pretty much what you’ll get.
  • Besides, it’s fun – kind of like going to Skyrim’s version of EPCOT!


Upon arrival in the CLARALUX TESTING FACILITY you will be facing a wall of controls.

They are color coded for quick visual understanding.

GREEN = Quick and Safe changes that can be made on the fly in the CLARALUX TESTING FACILITY

YELLOW = Preset Bank (more to come!)

RED = The RESET switch.

Learn more:

LIGHT LEVEL Adjustments

SUBSET Toggles


When you’ve chosen the settings you like, go ahead and exit the FACILITY the way you came in.

Upon EXITING, the CLARALUX UPDATE CYCLE will default back to 30 seconds and you will be able to go about your business as you like.

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