SSE : Light Level Adjustments



Upon arrival in the CLARALUX TESTING FACILITY you will be facing a wall of controls.

They are color coded for quick visual understanding.

GREEN = Quick and Safe changes that can be made on the fly in the CLARALUX TESTING FACILITY

YELLOW = Changes that MAY have an increased cost on performance

RED = The RESET switch.

If you turn around, you’ll be facing the CLARALUX OBSERVATION TOWER, which has similar controls but from a higher vantage point.

So… from LEFT to RIGHT we have:


This restores CLARALUX’s default settings – which I believe provide the lowest “cost” in terms of performance – and will make your life easier in terms of starting from scratch if you have to.


  • Each subset of lights has 10 in-game settings, controllable here by pulling the chain.
  • Lights will appear differently depending upon your weather mod and other conditions (including potentially ENB settings).  In other words, a LIGHT LEVEL setting of 3 may be perfect for vanilla weather, but too dark for CLIMATES OF TAMRIEL.
  • LIGHT LEVEL controls both brightness and radius. Higher is brighter and wider.


  • Adds an organic effect randomizing the LIGHT LEVEL within this range.
  • Higher is a wider range.  For instance, if you’ve chosen a LIGHT LEVEL of 5 and a VARIANCE of 2, you will see lights with LIGHT LEVELS between 3 and 7.
  • Great option for a less uniform look.
  • A setting of 0 maintains a single LIGHT LEVEL across all LIGHT SUBSETS.
  • LIGHT VARIANCE will only change when you’ve applied a new LIGHT LEVEL.  This was a performance decision and is by design.


  • A “haze/glow” that surrounds all lights with 10 sizes available.
  • Often helpful when using the “mist” setting from a compatible ENB
  • Can be disabled by setting to 0
  • Higher is wider.
  • LIGHT GLOW will only change when you’ve applied a new LIGHT LEVEL.  This was a performance decision and is by design.
  • Disabled by default since the inclusion of GLOW adds new scripts to Skyrim’s fragile Papyrus queue.  In general gameplay on a decent rig, you should never see any problems, however, we all know by now that’s not the case for many.


  • You have the option to allow CLARALUX to choose settings for you, and to display them every 10 or so seconds in game.  This feature may help you get a better understanding on how certain LIGHT LEVELS, LIGHT VARIANCE and GLOW settings will appear against your chosen weather mod.
  • The current settings will be displayed briefly in the upper left corner.
  • If you’ve seen a combination of values that you like, simply walk away from the CONTROL PANEL.  The last settings shown will be applied.
  • This is marked YELLOW due to the potential inclusion of GLOW, which as we said above, adds add’l scripts to the Papyrus queue


  • Day lighting gives the illusion that the lights are still casting some illumination during the day, which is nice especially in overcast weather or in shadows.
  • This addition also (like GLOW) adds more scripts to Papyrus’ queue which can lead to Stack Overflows in some systems.
  • I sadly decided that this might be a feature that is too much for the engine and have disabled it by default.
  • Cosmetically, I love it but… alas… it may be simply too much for some.


  • In the event that your scripts go “off the rails” or you see “stacking”, this selection will RESET all CLARALUX lights in a 3 step process.
  • Messages will appear telling you what is going on
  • At the conclusion, all LIGHTS should restore to the settings you chose prior to entering the RESET.
  • It is important to note that if you’re using this option often, you are most likely experiencing dramatic SCRIPT-LAG and should immediately investigate your load-order, system resources and all appropriate MEMORY SETTINGS.