DynDOLOD can present a minor “problem” when run in conjunction with CLARALUX.  DynDOLOD doesn’t appear to be able to account for the user’s in-game ability to enable/disable certain SUBSETS of lightFixtures.

For instance, if you have chosen to not enable CLARALUX ROADLIGHTS via the MCM, it is possible that you may see ROADLIGHTS in the deep-distance which will “disappear” when your approach has gone from LOD to FULL-MESH render.

This is hardly a big-deal, and you may never even see it, but if you do, there are two choices:

1 – Leave CLUX default FIXTURES as they are and run the DynDOLOD. The LIGHT LEVEL adjusters will function as planned and DynDOLOD will consider all of the fixtures as “enabled”.

2 – Exclude CLUX from the DynDOLOD patch in which case you will be able to fiddle with whether or not you want particular subsets of lights displayed in game.