VANILLA LIGHT “ISSUE” ONE : WEATHER/REGION CYCLES : The light goes completely “out” then fades back up to “normal” within a few moments.

This happens when the weather cycle changes and or you exit one “region” and enter another. You wouldn’t know when you’re entering a new REGION really. I have no idea why this happens, but it’s been like this since FALLOUT NEW VEGAS. It’s less noticeable when you’re playing straight vanilla because vanilla night is “blue sunlight” and there are much fewer light sources.

VANILLA LIGHT “ISSUE” TWO : AUTO-IRIS : The light “hard cuts” to dimmer as you approach it. This is, I believe, caused by the eye-adapt “feature” of the game.

My guess is that that the game determines a “brightness/luma” percentage and adjusts the “iris” when it gets to a certain threshold. In fact, think of it exactly like an auto-iris camera… This “iris” adjustment is not smooth, hence the appearance of a light getting dimmer when, in fact, it’s the entire image that has gotten dimmer. Again, you wouldn’t notice this much in vanilla since the general “brightness/luma” in vanilla-night isn’t as dark and doesn’t have as much contrast. THIS does annoy me, but I think it could be removed with a mod that removes the eye adapt.

VANILLA LIGHT “ISSUE” THREE : THE TREES : The light on trees “pops” on despite being able to see it on the road.

You can see the tree models “pop” to more details if you’re just walking around even in good old “vanilla”, so what seems to happen is that when the switch over, they also apply lighting. Annoying!

This is an easy one… you need to increase the distance at which the TREES go from “low resolution” to “high resolution” models. This can be done with theSKYRIM CONFIGURATOR.

In the SKYRIM CONFIGURATOR, go to MODELS/WORLD -> TREES. Set the DRAW DISTANCE to at least 15000 in order to alleviate this issue.

VANILLA LIGHT “ISSUE” FOUR : The Lights Don’t Come On Until You’re Very Close

In order to best view CLARALUX lights in the deep-distance, you’ll likely need to alter your INIs to allow for longer viewing distances.  Generally speaking, you can see CLARALUX lights and fixtures at the length of your UGRIDS setting.

If you aren’t seeing the CLARALUX lights in the distance, or you just want to make sure you see them… click here