Here’s the honest deal.

CLARALUX 2015 has been beta-tested for months by over 50 users, some of which went out of their way to break it.  In nearly all cases it works entirely as planned, which I consider a triumph.

You should not see an appreciable drop in FRAME RATE and you should be able to play as usual without ever thinking about CLARALUX once you’ve chosen your settings.

Here’s the “however”…

CLARALUX is heavily dependent upon a well-optimized system… this is why we INSIST you install the MANDATORY MEMORY MODS.  If you don’t want to, or you think you shouldn’t have to, then PLEASE DO NOT USE CLARALUX.  I don’t want to have to troubleshoot for people that couldn’t be bothered to optimize their own rigs.

CLARALUX is not script-heavy, per se, but it does require your PAPYRUS threads to be running at optimal efficiency.  The reason is simple, CLARALUX is dependent upon the “time of day” in-game in order to determine what to do.  It is also depending upon an optimized system to “clean up” after the PLAYER exits the area.  It is a complex mechanism, that – if your system is a laggy mess – will certainly go “off the rails” sooner or later.

The upside is that if CLARALUX goes “off the rails” it’s not “game-breaking”.  We’ve included a LIGHT RESET feature which will do its best to clean up your mess… haha… once your game “catches up”, it’ll most likely do just fine… thing is, if you DID go “off the rails”, then you may need to rethink some of what you’ve got going on in your load-order/inis/etc.

CLARALUX can also be easily removed or reinstalled.   When CLARALUX fails it is nearly ALWAYS because you are experiencing damaging script-lag.  There is literally nothing more I can do about that.

We’re pretty damn proud of CLARALUX.  We think it offers the finest “night enhancing” fixtures of any mod, with the greatest number of customization options and has the added bonus of allowing you to try out a large variety of LIGHT LEVELS and effects – yep, you guessed it, I’m going to say it again – in-game!

Hope you enjoy!