MCM : Light Settings

LIGHT SETTINGS are the most important featureset of CLARALUX.  Using them, you can adjust the light levels to your liking – in game.


In order to alter the levels of the lights, you MUST enter LIGHT LEVEL TEST MODE.  This will do a number of things:

  • Prevent you from moving across cells.  This is important since a player in motion may leave an area prior to the lightScript completing and may therefore cause issues.  Please don’t test this theory as you’ll be the only one to lose out.
  • Since you will be unable to move, it is best to do this in a safe place OR to toggle the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE of NPCs by entering console and typing the command “tai” (without quotes).  Disabling the COMBAT AI is done by the console command “tcai” (without quotes).  When you’re done, be sure to type both again in console and all ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE will be restored.
  • Speed the updateCycle in order for your changes to be seen more quickly.  The default UpdateCycle is 30 seconds, which is usually fine for most user’s rigs.  When in LIGHT LEVEL TEST MODE, it cycles at 10 seconds.  This is DANGEROUS (and unnecessary) during the course of normal play, which is why I force you to enter LIGHT LEVEL TEST MODE.


  • When in LIGHT LEVEL TEST MODE, you have the option to allow CLARALUX to choose settings for you, and to display them every 10 or so seconds in game.  This feature may help you get a better understanding on how certain LIGHT LEVELS and LIGHT VARIANCE settings will appear against your chosen weather mod.
  • The current settings will be displayed briefly in the upper left corner.
  • If you’ve seen a combination of values that you like, simply return to the MCM and exit RANDOMIZE.  The last settings shown will be applied.


  • Each subset of lights has 10 in-game settings, controllable here.
  • Lights will appear differently depending upon your weather mod and other conditions (including potentially ENB settings).  In other words, a LIGHT LEVEL setting of 3 may be perfect for vanilla weather, but too dark for CLIMATES OF TAMRIEL.
  • LIGHT LEVEL controls both brightness and radius. Higher is brighter and wider.


  • Adds an organic effect randomizing the LIGHT LEVEL within this range.
  • Higher is a wider range.  For instance, if you’ve chosen a LIGHT LEVEL of 5 and a VARIANCE of 2, you will see lights with LIGHT LEVELS between 3 and 7.
  • Great option for a less uniform look.
  • A setting of 0 maintains a single LIGHT LEVEL across all LIGHT SUBSETS.


  • A “haze/glow” that surrounds all lights.
  • Often helpful when using the “mist” setting from a compatible ENB
  • Can be disabled by setting to 0
  • Higher is wider.
  • LIGHT GLOW will only change when you’ve applied a new LIGHT LEVEL.  This was a performance decision and is by design.


  • In the event that your scripts go “off the rails” or you see “stacking”, this selection will RESET all CLARALUX lights in a 3 step process.
  • Messages will appear telling you what is going on
  • At the conclusion, all LIGHTS should restore to the settings you chose prior to entering the RESET.
  • It is important to note that if you’re using this option often, you are most likely experiencing dramatic SCRIPT-LAG and should immediately investigate your load-order, system resources and all appropriate MEMORY SETTINGS.


  • Utterly useless but potentially amusing feature which will increase the UPDATECYCLE to dangerously fast speeds in order to blink lights of random LEVEL, VARIANCE and GLOW as fast as it can.
  • Initially implemented as “proof of concept”, I left it in to show off 😉
  • It is quite possible that this feature will throw your PAPYRUS ENGINE way out of whack and is therefore best used on a SAVE that you don’t plan to keep… OR… use it AFTER you SAVE and just for fun.
  • When you are bored, conclude the LIGHTSHOW by toggling the feature off.  CLARALUX will restore the settings to what they were prior to LIGHTSHOW.
  • There’s a fair chance that you’ll need to RESET LIGHTS after using this, but I do suggest doing it at least once just to check it out.