MCM: TIME Settings

CLARALUX allows players to determine when CLARALUX LIGHT FIXTURES go from “daylight light setting” to their chosen LIGHT LEVELS.  This can be quite handy if your particular weather mod appears darker (or lighter) during TWILIGHT and SUNRISE.

It should be noted that all CLARALUX LIGHTS have a DAYLIGHT light level (not adjustable) that will cast a minor amount of light.  This is by design and will look very cool on rainy days… rather than the alternative of mysteriously lit candles no longer casting any light whatsoever OR lights not changing during the day.


  • Using the in-game clock, you may select what time NIGHT should begin.


  • Using the in-game clock, you may select what time DAY should being.


  • The default of 30 is a typically safe number and you should NEVER adjust this to be faster unless you have a super-rig.
  • This value determines how often each CLARALUX LIGHT should check the time.
  • Users who may be experiencing script-lag can (and should) adjust this to “as slow as you’ll tolerate”.  The downside of increasing the UPDATECYCLE is mostly evident when you’re attempting to enter LIGHT LEVEL TEST MODE, in which case, you’ll have to wait the duration of the UPDATECYCLE before LIGHT LEVEL TEST MODE will take effect.  It’s a small price to pay for stability 😉

MISC. Settings: Debug MESSAGES:

  • Similar to WARZONES 2015, this setting will allow you greater insight, via your PAPYRUS log, as to what CLARALUX is doing behind the scenes.
  • CLARALUX places CLUXMSGS within your PAPYRUS log.  These are NOT errors.
  • When reporting issues, please have this setting to at least 1.
  • In most cases, this setting will not concern you at all.